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Do not hang memories on my shadow!
do not remember home to yourself!
Let the bed feel your absence on its
warmth with lurking passion interwovown selfot hang your thoughts here, boys,
Lest you burn yourself into ashes of Eden

Do not hang tears on my eyes now!
For the productivity of sin is in death
&the genocide here are the whole of
abessive cruelty found in your eyes,
help me gather your roaming shadows,
for the feast of this land is the call
you hold on the dawn of a sudden dew

Do not look the sun on the face with fear!
an unbroken chain of verses from book
of colours termed men racism of the earth
this is how society raised you with gap
of saddened life & gory detailed miseries & your father told you that Africa is noble,
a lie which made the birds went into labour

hang no secret here, boys, not in here!
Hang no clothes here, boys, end this pity
My head is too weak to defend you…
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Miles from Independence by Tydale Bassey Abigail



Our cloths have torn
Our hairs grown bushy
Bones emaciated and legs swollen
Muscles displaced
And our vision discouraged...
The path behind us looks abandoned by haggard legs,
Bushy as if untrodden

See, our babies have died
Our kids starved
Our boys imprisoned
Our girls raped
Husbands and wives betrayed
And the aged disappointed...
Yet the eyes of our polity bulges like the blind statues of Nok Culture

We used to have hopes,
But they are now tired in the arms of abortion
The promises of independence have become stillborn;
Mutilated with the bamboo of corruption.
Even the wishes that once painted our eyelids
Are beginning to wear away
Yet the senses of our constitution have breathed only heat on the sore skins of our destinies

The song of the national flag has become the loudest noise sung by toothless leaders;
A pirate declaration to our unity in diversity
Our capital cities are plinths of self aggra…

REMIND ME OF BOYS AGAIN by John Chizoba Vincent


Whose mind are gold of thoughts,
Those who empty their lives into the nostril
of a sudden wind but never returned home
They went far away as broken dusts
In a world of action and reaction,
Don't fear the man behind his
deeds fear the victims
But boys are too hollow to be left behind,
They are the authors and finishers who
no one celebrates.

Dreams are buried,
Aspirations packed up,
Boys do not have thrones,
But girls have more to breath.

Girls are queens,
they make it to Forbes most valued,
Because to be truly relevant is remaining
a girl; a victim of circumstances...

History has been long designed by the society,
She made girls like her win wars with tears,
Who cares about the fallen?
The boys are always painted with frown,
Remind yourself of boys who reek havoc on themselves trying to imitate themselves.

The whole society is based on lies,
Of boys who are Heroes and kings,


1, Stop Counting people's blessings ~ It is interesting to admire your friend's success, but don't try to compare and contrast, you're different persons and your paths have been mapped out. When the temptation to compare especially on bad days fingers my eyelids, I pull out my gratitude journal and write out five things I'm grateful for. It could be as little as being able to keep to time or even for being mentioned in a good will comment by a friend.
Being grateful opens us up for more.

2, Try Leadership and Politics ~ I think there are two different things, one is seen as good and the other is seen as bad. The mention of the word "politics" get us grabbing our bags, and the mention of "leadership" gets us spreading our clothes in the open. My involvement in both has impacted my life and my dealing with others. I see both as siamese twins. Politics makes good leadership and Leadership makes good politics. You should try it!

3, Make the fir…



We are glad to officially announce a call for the submission of poems for the 3rd edition of the October 30FEST Humanitarian Poetry Prize.

This Poetry Prize seeks to sprinkle smiles on the faces of those left out in the scheme of things in the society.

The cash prize for winning this prize would be donated to any charity course of the winner's choice as a service to humanity.

Theme : 2019 ; The Poet's Prophecy

Deadline : 20th October, 2018

~ This contest is open to all poets from all over the world.

~ Submissions are to be made to with strict adherence to the instructions stipulated.

~After completing submission on the Google form, you are required to post your entry again on the October 30FEST Facebook group using this link - for interaction. However, likes are not a criteria for winning.

~ Entries submitted must be previously unpublished, an en…



You newly coupled who have refused
A return from Paris
You recline like butter on bread
Who said that you'll live long(er)?

You who think suicide is next
If you left college next best
You shut your eyes on all of your kind
Who said that you'll live long(er)?

You claim teen
Ignoring the clock that said, "no time"
You forget the phrase, 'Gone too Soon'
Who said that you'll live long(er)?

Like the prosperous Ant
Just in the corridor, he kicked a pale
Death took no bribes
Who said that you'll live long(er)?

Like the innocent thief
Who found a new source of livelihood
Life could not offer pity no more
Who said that you'll live long(er)?

So now you changed the figures
And cared less what employees felt
The higher throne was all you aimed
Who said that you'll live long(er)?

You were told to restrain
For your family, health and wealth
Yet you stuck to the wrap like a tar
Who said that you'll …

WE ARE HOPE by Winifred Fredrick


When we marched, we whispered freedom
Not to be shackled, we marched for our future
Not a protest, a silent walk for our kingdom
But with threats, disguised as request they made fixture
They said our whispers were too violent
So in fear we did relent

We marched without our voices
Only hope on our feet resounding our dreams
But this time our feet was silenced
Don't march so loud, our nation requires peace;
This they said, waving at us guns and vices

They said we did breath too loud
Like mourners on procession, we stood huddled in a corner
Afraid to speak, afraid to breath, afraid to live, to lift our banner

But hope, it never dies, inside us it simmered
Take our voices, it whispered
But we won't seat in defeat, we recovered
Break us, we are resilience, we whimpered
They pushed us, now we rise, we are resilience

We are lions we proclaimed
We won't back down any more, we swore
Guns and prisons, threats and death
But we …